Gilmore Girls Appreciation Week 2014 
Day 6: Favorite Quote(s)

Remind me to tell you about the time my mother wore a shirt with a rhinestone penis on it and my grandma had her car towed.

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a co-worker has half talked me into actually doing nanowrimo this year; i’ve been saying i’ll do it every year for the last… well, several, but i’ve never actually gone through with it. but like, we work together so it’ll be easier for her to bug me about keeping up with it, so i’m thinking i should probably just go ahead and do it. maybe i’ll move beyond the first chapter of a story and finish one finally. it’s just a matter of deciding what to focus on for an entire month this year…

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What is your ultimate fantasy?


Financial stability.

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a restaurant in my hometown got a review that said the servers should “show some skin” so the owner added a potato skin special to the menu and all the proceeds from the special go to the west virginia foundation for rape information services (x)

That’s exactly the appropriate response.

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Mandraki, Greece | Ugo Cei


Mandraki, Greece | Ugo Cei
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I loved the whole sand-wall trick, it was beautiful.

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Battlestar Galactica premiered 10 years ago | 18.10.2004

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